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Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

Helical Gears, Ahmedabad

"HITESH" Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer are compact, totally enclosed and are designed for direct mounting on the drive shaft of the equipment to be driven. The direct mounting principle assures positive and permanent alignment of the Speed Reduce and the driven machine and permits convinient location of the motor, minimizing space requirements and layout problems. It also eliminates the foundations.

"HITESH" Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers offers unlimited installation flexibility, it is to be mounted with a tie-rod. "HITESH" Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers are designed to meet any position requirements and satisfy a wide range of output speeds and horse power requirements.

"HITESH" Speed Reducers consists of hardened precision - machined alloy steel Helical Gears mounted on micro finish Shafts supported on long life precision bearings with the capacity to handle maximum loading. The two - peice close Grain C.I. housing provides sturdy support and insures permanent accurate alignment of all components.

"HITESH" Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers is metric in design and AGMA Standards have been adopted wherever required "HITESH" Speed Reducers is manufactured in 6 different sizes and have Gear Ratios of 5:1, 13:1, 15:1 and 20:1