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Single Stage SMSR Gear Box

Single Stage SMSR Gear Box

All Gears are of High Grade Alloy Steel and Modern Heat Treatment Methods like gas carburizing is done to achieve case hardness upto 50-55 Hrc. This Tough Hardness gives gear wheel and pinions the hard wearing surface and tough core necessary to handle harsh duties.

High Quality two piece close grain c.i. Housing with maximum rigidity and low weight saves space. The housing contact surfaces are fine milled thus eliminating the necessity for gaskets and possible oil leake.

Manufacturing tolerances company to din and agma specification. The robust design of Orkay SMSR gives a smooth and trouble free running. High quality bearings give a long service life.

Orkay Shaft Mounts are widely used throughout the world in quarry and crushing plants, conveyor systems, asphalt plants, Road Construction Machinery, Special purpose Machines, Bakery Machines, Cement and Mining Industries etc.

Salient Features & Benefits :

  • Specially designed heavy shock load and taken care pitting on tooth for conveyor belt Gear Box.
  • All Gears are of 20 Mn Cr-5 Die forging Steel.
  • All Gears are well hardend and Ground Helical Gear Train
  • Each unit supplied with corrosion resistant torque arm.
  • Double lip oilseals are used to avoid leakage of oil as well as it protects form the atmospheric dust.
  • Long Gears and bearing lifetime due to heavier design.
  • Gear Mounting and alignment is easy.
  • Low noise level & space saving.
  • All Gare box models are available in holdback system
  • All Gear box models are available with motor mounting stands.
  • Maintanance free Gear box for longlife.
  • Gear box manufactured as per DIN and AGMA Specification.

Salient Features :

  • Ratios : Available one ratios
  • Power : Higher power ratings for maximum torque from 0.25Kw to 100Kw
  • Models : Available in 5 different gear case sizes from D to H
  • Bore Size : 40mm to 95mm imperial option also available
  • Mounts : Vertical , Horizontal and Direct drive mounting configurations.
  • Lubrication : Oil splash type lubrication
  • Housing : Cast iron case construction