• A world of ceaseless growth in Helical Gear Box, Heavy Gears, seemingly, all areas at once.

Why us ?

Why Us?

We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our work. Hitesh Engineers maintains the highest ethical and professional standards and strives to stay on the leading edge in technology, in an ever-changing environment.

While our greatest strength is the ability to understand the client goals, our success is very much attributed to strong teamwork, continuous R&D and the dedication and commitment of each and every member of the BGL family to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliable products & services to the total satisfaction of all our customers.

Best 'Speed to Market' in Industry
Cost efficiency
World class technology
Global scale of operations
Product range and expansion lend scalability to operations
Comprehensive CAD/CAM/CAE and product development capability
High Quality, motivated Human Resources

These extensive resources combined with our dedication to the highest professional standards enables us to support a wide range of our clients' business needs.